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KMS Travel Set … Back view

20130403-050730 PM.jpg

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KMS Colour Vitality Travel Set

20130403-050536 PM.jpg

This is a really cute looking little set, which will come in handy for trips away. The products themselves, as you would expect from a top brand, are powerful and work really well. The conditioner in particular, is fab! My hair is coloured, dry and prone to the dreaded ‘frizzies’ and as this set is for coloured hair it suited mine well. Enough product here to last a week of everyday washing. A bonus is the little pouch which would suit as a make-up bag when the items are finished. In fact, I think L has her eyes on it already! Mx

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A bit about us …

Hi and welcome to our blog!

We decided to set up this blog to tell you about the things we love in the beauty and fashion industry right now.


Budding pre-teen fashionista, right now I am slightly obsessed with Cara Delevingne  ( isn’t everyone.. ) so will be bringing you gossip, style and my top fashion hits, as well as my thoughts on random stuff such as music, school work … blah, blah…


Mum to Lu, London based fashion and beauty writer by day, found rambling here by night.  I will be talking about products I love, places we have been, and about our life in London.

We got the idea for the blog when out shopping one day. Lu has always been into ‘dressing up’ but as she got older this turned into a keen interest in fashion so we thought that there must be other mums and daughters out there who share the same interests, ( but very different styles of course ) who would love to hear about our adventures as each of us try clothes and products that suit our respective age group.

I’m quite bookish, with a background as a personal stylist and make-up artist, I now write about beauty and fashion for my local paper and website. My style has changed over the years; from full on rock-a-billy in the late 80’s when I ran a vintage clothes stall at London’s Portobello Market, through a Bridgette Bardot phase & indie music fan via Boho before Kate Moss and Sienna Miller wore that one out (!) into the phase I am in now, chilled mother of two! I still love fashion but know now what suits me, how to put it together and where to find it, something that only time has taught me!

I am lucky that for my job I get to hear about lots of new beauty products, so I will be bringing  you my pick of the best ones here, as well as classics that everybody should try. I’m big on perfume too, so expect quite a few recommendations there. I can’t walk through a beauty hall without trying something new and have been known to spend days out visiting old perfumeries! I know that as a busy mum, sometimes all you have time or the inclination for is the odd squirt of perfume so I like to try a good selection.

I am a fan of good, hard working products. Make-up often has to multi-task for me as do bath products, face creams (I am at the stage where I need anti-ageing now .. Boo(!) for that but Hurray(!) for the great products out there) and hair products but I love a night in having a pampering session with the rare luxury product, so I will be looking around for some great treats too.

I welcome questions about anything to do with products, beauty queries, fashion dilemmas  and will answer whatever I can, so please leave comments and I will try to help. Also, let me know if you have found a great product or item that you can’t live without or want me to feature something here. Perhaps you are having trouble deciding what products you need. I can help with that too!

One last thing about our posts. If I write a post I will sign it off with ‘M’ and if it’s from Lu, well, she will use ‘L’ … Mothers tell your daughters, daughters tell your mums and lets bond over the uniquely feminine subject that is, fashion and beauty.

So mothers and daughters unite! No matter what our style and age differences, we can and should, share fashion and beauty tips, pass on information to each other and help women and girls everywhere to get their groove back and get their style on!

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Me & Lu  x

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